20 projects
around the world
4 residential complexes
86% of business
is residential real estate

Wainbridge 360°

For more than 11 years Wainbridge has been providing a full range of services in real estate development: from the formation of the project concept and architectural design to construction and final sale to the customer.

The successfully built communications with Partners from the world’s leading development companies allow Wainbridge to be the first in using advanced technologies and know-how. Participation in international sessions on the exchange of experience gives the company the opportunity to implement non-standard projects at the highest level of expertise.

Wainbridge offers the smart and comprehensive approach to the development, investment and asset management:

  • Financial and legal plan of the project
  • Development of the architectural concept
  • Financial model
  • Business plan
  • Registration of land and legal relations
Project works and approvals
  • Research
  • Obtaining technical conditions
  • Project work
  • Agreements
  • Choosing a creative agency
  • Branding, marketing materials
  • Media Planning and PR
  • Organization of sales
Recruitment of consultants
  • Consulting in the field of property management
  • Legal consultation
Administrative support
  • Administrative operational activity
  • Defining financing strategies
  • Organization of additional project financing
  • Technical employer services
  • Legal consultancy
Property sale
  • Ensuring the sales process
  • Selection and control of the brokers
  • Determination of sales strategy, preparation of agreements templates
Pre-project phase
  • Proposal for development
  • Development contract with Investors

Our awards

Winner in the nomination «Business Class Residential Complex of the Year» for the project of the club house «Fili Park»
Urban Awards 2017
Annual authoritative award in the field of residential urban real estate
Finalist in the nomination «Best Business Class Residential Complex Under Construction» for the project «AQUATORIA»
Urban Awards 2018
Annual authoritative award in the field of residential urban real estate
Finalist in the nomination «Best Business Class Apartment Complex»  for the project «SOHO+NOHO»
Urban Awards 2018
Annual authoritative award in the field of residential urban real estate
Winner in the nomination «Premiere of the Year» for the project «SOHO+NOHO»
Urban Awards 2018
Annual authoritative award in the field of residential urban real estate
Finalist in the nomination «Premiere of the Year»  for the project «SOHO+NOHO»
RREF Awards 2018
Russian residential real estate award
Winner in the nomination «Business Class Project of the Year» for the project «SOHO+NOHO»
Move Realty Awards 2019
Annual Real Estate Awards


The basis of Wainbridge is the team of specialists at international level with a deep knowledge of the Russian real estate market. The Wainbridge team is focused on the implementation of ambitious projects and successfully develops projects with a total area of more than 1.5 million m2.

The core team has been working together for 15 years, and the joint experience in the real estate market is more than 60 years (in combination with the experience of the Partners, this figure forms a number exceeding several hundred years).

Michael Belton

Work experience - 25 years:
Hines Int., CMI Development, Storm Properties
By creating and building new projects - we leave our mark on history. It is important for us to do projects that will be timeless for many, many more years.”

Kirill Pisarev

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Work experience — 25 years:
The PIK Group (Founder, President and
Chairman of the Board of Directors), Storm Properties
We create projects that can compete in the global real estate arena. The most important thing in our projects is their ability to inspire people.

Babür Diker

Work experience — 20 years:
CMI Develoment, Capital Group, Tekser Construction, Storm Properties
Attention to details is the foundation of our team’s success. This quality allows us to maintain transparency in relations with Partners and customers.

Projects in Moscow


Bumazhnyy Proyezd, 2/2
The complex of business-class apartments
in the center of the urban-friendly environment

The complex of business class apartments consisting of two towers and located in the heart of the capital next to the famous White Square within the walking distance from Belorusskaya metro station. All apartments are handed over with designer fit-out, kitchen and a full set of home appliances. For studios modern…


Leningradskoye Highway, 69
Multifunctional residential complex with private

Multifunctional residential complex consisting of 4 residential buildings and two office towers. Modern and high-quality houses with comfortable layouts, developed infrastructure, including the school and the kindergarten. The project benefits from the comfortable and well-though out embankment with unique views of the water from…