Wainbridge combines the strength of the leading players in the real estate market to execute top level projects.
Collaborations with major Russian and foreign Partners, who are recognized for their contribution to the industry, in many ways explains our success. Cooperation, synergy, exchange of experience and deep knowledge allow our team to form an accurate picture of the state of the residential real estate market (both Russian and Foreign) and, as a consequence, create profitable investment products.





Property management


Sinan Kafadar

Main architector

We understand that every task in business requires an individual approach. The is no only true solution for all cases of life, neither the only true concept of a residential building. In the face of Wainbridge, we were lucky to find a Partner who does not stop at the achieved. Each new project of the company is a careful work on an even more advanced concept of the future residential building project, where smart technologies, innovations and comfort are organically intertwined.

Wainbridge projects are high requirements for the ergonomics of living space and always a heightened attention to detail, from which the residential projects are composed, different from those that exist on the market.

Maria Litinetskaya

As a strategic partner of Wainbridge in the Moscow region, Metrium provides analytical support to the project teams of the developer in the development of new residential properties of business and premium class. Objects, which in Moscow have long been waiting for both by realtors and buyers! The cooperation of our companies on the territory of Russia is just unfolding, and already now we see its fruits. Mutual desire to bring the market to a new level, Wainbridge’s international experience and fundamentally new approaches to solving business problems are actively contributing to this.