The club house Fili Park is another realized project of the Wainbridge

11 may 2018

The portfolio of Wainbridge expanded with another realized project ─ the Fili Park club house.

The project is built, put into operation, and the buyers are currently receiving the keys. In early May, the first ownership certificate had been successfully registered. This event brought the team one step closer to the project’s completion, and buyers ─ to the status of happy owners of comfortable flats. At the moment, the final finishing works are being carried out on the site, the cleaning service carries out daily cleaning work on the territory, the first meeting of the owners of the House is established in order to create the council of tenants.


The sales launch in the Fili Park club house, located within walking distance from the historic park «Fili» and the metro station of the same name, was in April 2016. In less than two years, the project sold out 94% of the flats. At the moment only two flats are available for purchase. The object itself was constructed in less than a year. High construction rates and compliance with the strictest standards of quality in the housing market were confirmed by market experts, having awarded the project the most prestigious awards in the residential urban real estate market Urban Awards 2017 in «Business Class Best Residential Complex» nomination. Ready-made high-end design, variability of ergonomic layout solutions, privacy (altogether 124 flats!), high-tech engineering solutions ─the list of advantages is endless.


«We are grateful for the successful Partnership and effective joint work of the whole project team.» We want to wish our customers a joyous housewarming and comfortable living at Fili Park — declares CEO of Wainbridge Mr. Babür Diker.