Sberbank will finance the construction of residential complex AQUATORIA

19 april 2019

Mezzanine financing is provided for partial refinancing of previously issued loans. Project financing has been allocated for the construction of the Aquatoria residential complex with a total area of 104,000 sq m, which will allow the developer to have a guaranteed and uninterrupted source of funding for the entire construction period prior to the commissioning of the object

“Sberbank Investments” is expanding its assistance to Sberbank's clients in the residential real estate field against the background of the continuing lack of comprehensive financial solutions and institutional capital deficit in the Russian financial market, and is actively working on similar transactions with clients of not only the largest, but large and medium-sized businesses.

The current transaction is one of the 6 closed / approved Sberbank Investments transactions since it entered into force on July 1, 2018 due to changes in the Federal Law No. 214 on shared construction. The total amount of transactions of this profile amounted to 15.0 billion rubles, which makes Sberbank Investments LLC one of the largest borrowers of Sberbank in the field of residential real estate.

Oscar Ratsin, Vice President, Director of the Investment Activities Division of the Sberbank Corporate and Investment Business Unit: “We are actively financing the construction industry through the provision of mezzanine financing to our partners, which is designed to cover the shortage of equity capital in the acquisition of new sites and construction of facilities. This problem is currently particularly relevant given the changes in legislation in the field of residential real estate, which led to a change in the financing structure and a significant increase in demand for investment capital. ”

Vice President of Sberbank - Chairman of Moscow Bank Vyacheslav Tsybulnikov: “Development of this project, supported by Sberbank, will allow thousands of families to acquire comfortable housing of a new unusual format in a unique location, which will allow to organize active leisure in the immediate vicinity of their residence.”

Michael Belton, President of Wainbridge: “We are pleased to have a financial partnership with Sberbank. Cooperation with the largest bank in Russia is the best guarantee that the project will be implemented at a high quality level in the announced period, regardless of market conditions, and also confirms the reliability and financial stability of the developer. ”

The Aquatoria residential complex will consist of four houses located on a 5 hectares plot in the Northern district of Moscow, on the Leningradskoye highway. A key feature of the project will be its own embankment and panoramic views of the water and parks of the Northern River Station and North Tushino. Future residents will get not just comfortable fully fitted-out flats and ample infrastructure, but also an environment that will allow to organize active leisure. There are many objects for a healthy lifestyle in the area and its surroundings: parks, sports and playgrounds, yacht clubs, beaches, equestrian sports complex.