Leaders private school and kindergarten to open in AQUATORIA residential complex

15 november 2018

The real estate development company Wainbridge and Leaders  educational holding signed a partnership agreement on the construction of a new educational complex. Private school and kindergarten will complement a large-scale residential project located on Leningradskoye Highway, 69.

The educational complex will consist of the full-service school for 200 pupils and the kindergarten for 102 children. Located just a few steps away from residential buildings, it will be equipped in accordance with the latest educational standards. The total area of the building is 3,900 sq m.

Separately standing four-storey educational center, designed by famous Dutch architectural bureau Kraaijvanger Architects, will create a natural environment for learning and games.

Recreational and sports grounds, a jogging track, sidewalks and green spaces will appear around the building. A bright, unordinary  and at the same time safe territory, which will encourage children to new discoveries and create an interest in learning and self-development will be established here. The Leaders half-boarding school has a reputation of being a school that deals not only with conventional education, but also with the comprehensive development of the child’s personality. The continuity between preschool and school education is at the heart of the Leader’s educational system. It allows to prepare children for school attendance and provides an easy period of adaptation to the learning and educational processes.

Students follow an Elkonin-Davydov’s curriculum, study foreign languages and computer science, attend supplementary classes  and work  with tutors. All classrooms are equipped with multimedia learning tools. The school has a lingua-phone room for learning foreign languages, research laboratories, a recording studio, a photo and video studio, its own printing house, a multimedia information center, medical and massage rooms. In a school auditorium there are professional acoustic and lighting equipment, wardrobe rooms, sports and dance halls. The educational center will be completed at the same time as residential buildings.  Aquatoria residents will be offered with special fees for education