Kirill Pisarev and Michael Belton attended The GRI Chairman Retreat 2020

27 january 2020
The Founder, main shareholder and Board Chairman of Wainbridge Kirill Pisarev and President of Wainbridge International Michael Belton attended annual event The GRI Chairman Retreat 2020 which took part in St Moritz since 16 till 19th January.

This year the retreat took part in a favorite place of celebrities and royalty - at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, situated amidst breathtakingly beautiful and unspoiled scenery, has long been hailed as a landmark in the center of St. Moritz and is the ultimate expression of the Swiss Alps region. Passionate discussions of actual topics go as tradition among the the guests. In 2019 year Paul Bashir, Pauline Bradley, Michael Abel, Neil Jones, Richard Georgi attended retreat. Among main speakers of the 2020 year were Ed Luce US National Editor, Financial Times and Holger Schmieding Chief Economist

The GRI Chairman Retreat – is annual private meeting, which represents a unique occasion for investors, lenders and property company chiefs get to know each other, brainstorm where the world is going, exploring doing business together, make a mark and leave a legacy.

The GRI Club was founded in 1998 and its mission is to help its members build personal relationships and work together in creating better places as a legacy to our children. Its core constituency consists of the world's leading real estate players. The GRI runs its activities through a series of annual meetings focused on different regions of the world. For the 2020 the programm consists of meetings in France, India, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, USA, Spain, Germany, Portugal etc.