Projects in Moscow

Since its founding Wainbridge implemented more than 20 projects around the world. For 10 years we hone the skill and continuously improve ourselves to create ambitious projects filled with meaning and content. We know that our customers are constantly striving to bring their quality of life to a higher level. They are professionals in their field and are always in the process of improvement. They simplify the complex and aim high to achieve the perfection. This is what Wainbridge philosophy based upon.

To achieve real success we cooperate with the best of the best, choosing effective solutions and creating unique products that meet the needs of our customers. A key characteristic of our projects is the location that exists in synergy with a strong concept, advanced content and relevant quality. We create and implement projects for the life that you want and aspire to have.

Foreign projects
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Soho + Noho

Bumazhnyy Proyezd, 2/2
The complex of business-class apartments
in the center of the urban-friendly environment

The complex of business class apartments consisting of two towers and located in the heart of the capital next to the famous White Square within the walking distance from Belorusskaya metro station. All apartments are handed over with designer fit-out, kitchen and a full set of home appliances. For studios modern…

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Leningradskoye Highway, 69
Multifunctional residential complex with private

Multifunctional public and residential complex consisting of 4 residential buildings and two office towers. Modern and high-quality houses with comfortable layouts, developed infrastructure, including the school and the kindergarten. The project benefits from the comfortable and well-though out embankment with unique views of the…

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Poklonnaya 9

Poklonnaya street, 9
Premium residences near Park Pobedy
and impeccable infrastructure from the  hotel 5 *

The unique architectural project in the style of the skyscrapers of New York within walking distance from Park Pobedy. The complex offers comfortable apartments with panoramic views of Moscow and premium fit-out. Full access to the services and impeccable facilities of an international 5* hotel operator…

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BVLGARI Hotel & Residences Moscow

Bolshaya Nikitskaya street, 9/15/1
BVLGARI Hotels & Resorts is the leading luxury hospitality collection in the world.

Fili Park

Bagrationovskiy Proyezd, 1А
Business class club house in the prestigious
western part of Moscow

Fili Park is the business class club house project sets the new standard of quality for modern living space with the ideal shape, strong emotion and favorable environment, where everything is at hand.

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 a new project